Dear Friends of the French Market of Kampa, welcome to our 2022’s website edition. In these freshly updated pages, you will be able to discover who are the new exhibitors, what are the new specialties, and which are the talented artists who will perform on our small podium!

As every year, we hope that many of you will join us in our friendly, greedy, festive, relaxed, colorful, shady and multilingual atmosphere of the French market of Kampa.
Every summer for 15 years, we have installed our stands, our tables, our chairs, our podium, our parasols, our deck chairs… and it is probable that we are to this day the oldest food festival of Prague. On this subject, we wish to thank the Mayor of Prague 1 who gives us his confidence every year.

As usual, we are all looking forward to these 6 days with you. See you, between 12 and 17 July 2022, on the French market of Kampa for a drink of friendship!

Signed Barbora, Adéla, Petra, Vláďo, Jarda, Roman, Thomas!